Welcome to Social Hackers Academy where learning happens

Welcome to Social Hackers Academy where learning happens.

SHA was created to support the growth of tech companies while supporting them get access to top talent.

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Technical Courses

Soft Skills Courses

Nanolearning Paths

Access to our Talent Pool

Job Seekers

We offer a holistic approach to landing a job in tech

You start by participating in our pre-course, then you take a main course meanwhile your participate in a soft skills and at the end you take a 2 month course on “How to get a DEV job”
Access to our dev community, get mentored by top senior developers, Real life code from companies like Facebook, YouTube etc.
Our graduates gets access to our talent platform where over 100 Hiring Managers are waiting to hire you

Life-Long Learners


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What do we do in Social Hackers Academy

SHA started as a coding bootcamp for vulnerable groups. Our goal was to support the growth of tech companies by providing talent.

Since then we’ve evolved to an Education as a Service platform where we support tech holistically by offering L&D experiences + access to our talent pool.

We are proud that 100% of the preceedings goes towards offering scholarships for vulnerable groups.



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