Precourse: Front-end Development

Getting Ready

So, you decided to become a Frontend Web Developer. Awesome! This is the beginning of a fascinating journey and your opportunity for an amazing career.

Before moving forward though, you’ll have to prepare yourself for this course and check to see if you are eligible for a scholarship*.

(*In case you are a paid customer, you don’t need to go through the eligibility form as you will be granted access immediataly.)

Caution: before moving on, make sure that you are ready to dedicate 7 months on this course and also continue practicing after your graduation in order to become ready for applying for a job in the sector. This journey requires confidence, patience and dedication.

After getting to know you a little bit more, you can move on to the Introduction to Programming with Python course which will help you understand the basic concepts of programming and write your first programs in Python. This course has two main purposes:

  1. Get yourself acquainted with programming and see if you are interested and motivated enough to get on the 7-month Frontend Development course which includes even more programming! After going through the Python course you should reflect on your experience so far and carefully decide: Are you feeling comfortable with programming? Are you intrigued by how computer software works and want to learn more? Would this kind of work seem appealing to you?

  2. Help you understand the fundamental concepts of programming and prepare you for the upcoming Frontend course.

Make sure to follow the steps ahead and finish them on time.

Good luck!

UPDATED: 31.05.2021

Click here to see if you are eligible for a scholarship


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Front End Development

Earn a Frontend
Web Development Certificate
in 6 + 1 months

What is Frontend Development?

You are about to embark on a fascinating journey to the world of Web development, where you will be responsible for creating beautiful and functioncal websites for your clients and personal projects.

Watch this great video by Galvanize to learn more about what a Frontend developer’s work is all about. We hope you like it!

Course Structure

The duration of the course is 7 months in total. You will be spending 6 months studying and practicing your Frontend skills and after this period you are going to have 1 month to create and deliver your final project: a full-blown Frontend application, which will be the ticket to your graduation.

Syllabus: You can download and view the Syllabus here.