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Getting Ready

So, you decided to become a Fullstack Web Developer. Awesome! This is the beginning of a fascinating journey and your opportunity for an amazing career.

Caution: before moving on, make sure that you are ready to dedicate 7 months on this course and also continue practicing after your graduation in order to become ready for applying for a job in the sector. This journey requires confidence, patience and dedication.

You can now move on to the Introduction to Programming with Python course which will help you understand the basic concepts of programming and write your first programs in Python. This course has two main purposes:

  1. Get yourself acquainted with programming and see if you are interested and motivated enough to get on the 7-month Fullstack Development course which includes even more programming! After going through the Python course you should reflect on your experience so far and carefully decide: Are you feeling comfortable with programming? Are you intrigued by how computer software works and want to learn more? Would this kind of work seem appealing to you?
  2. Help you understand the fundamental concepts of programming and prepare you for the upcoming Frontend course.

Make sure to follow the steps ahead and finish them on time.

Good luck!

UPDATED: 10.02.2022