Pre-course registration

Pre-course Registration

This is where your learning journey begins.

Now you can register for the Pre-Course. It will help you understand the basic concepts of programming and write your first programs in Python.

Caution: before moving on, make sure that you are ready to dedicate 7 months on this course and also continue practicing after your graduation in order to become ready for applying for a job in the sector. This journey requires confidence, patience and dedication.

This Pre-Course is designed to:

Get yourself acquainted with programming and see if you are interested and motivated enough to get on the 7-month career track, which includes even more programming!
After going through the Python pre-course, you should reflect on your experience so far and carefully decide:
  • Are you feeling comfortable with programming?
  • Are you intrigued by how computer software works and want to learn more? 
  • Would this kind of work seem appealing to you?
Help you understand the fundamental concepts of programming and prepare you for the upcoming career track curriculum.

Pre-Course will start in