Quiz: What is Frontend? Copy

To complete this exercise, you must customize an HTML template that will contain a brief description (you must write the content – no copy/paste here) of the basic concepts described in this lesson (2 to 3 paragraphs at most):

  • What is HTML and what is the role of HTML in a web page?
  • What is CSS and what is the role of CSS in a web page?
  • What is JavaScript and what is the role of JS in a web page?


  • You must download and use this HTML template for your site.

  • Follow the instructions laid out in the screenshot below to help you with the required modifications to the HTML template.

  • You must develop the website locally, using the Live Server VSCode extension.

  • Once the website is ready, you can upload your site’s root folder to Netlify. Make sure you are registered and logged in to the service before you do.

  • Once your site is deployed, you can submit the URL provided by Netlify through the form of this quiz.

  • Upload the content (remember git push?) to the repo shared by your instructor and submit the pull request URL through the quiz form.


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