Quiz: What is Frontend? Copy

To complete this exercise, you must customize an HTML template that will contain a brief description (you must write the content – no copy/paste here) of the basic concepts described in this lesson (2 to 3 paragraphs at most):

  • What is HTML and what is the role of HTML in a web page?
  • What is CSS and what is the role of CSS in a web page?
  • What is JavaScript and what is the role of JS in a web page?


  • You must download and use this HTML template for your site.

  • Follow the instructions laid out in the screenshot below to help you with the required modifications to the HTML template.

  • You must develop the website locally, using the Live Server VSCode extension.

  • Once the website is ready, you can upload your site’s root folder to Netlify. Make sure you are registered and logged in to the service before you do.

  • Once your site is deployed, you can submit the URL provided by Netlify through the form of this quiz.

  • You should also create a GitHub repository (make it private), upload the content there (remember git push?) and submit the repository’s URL through the quiz form. You must add your instructor(s) as Collaborators to your private GitHub repository, in order for them to be able to browse through your code.

    • Watch this video that goes through the process of adding a Collaborator on a GitHub repo.


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