Introduction to PWA


Get your feet wet by watching the following quick introductory video and coding along.

Duration: 27 minutes


When looking for help, try doing so in the following order:

  • Did you try everything you could?
  • Did you read the documentation?
  • Did you Google for it?
  • Did you post your question on Slack/Forum?
  • Did you ask your fellow students for help?
  • Did you ask your Mentors for help?
  • Did you leave a comment on the comments section of this page?
  • Did you ask your Instructor for help?
    • Did you arrange and appointment with your instructor using Calendly? Visit this URL and set up an appointment:
    • Is it urgent? Did you try reaching him on Slack

UPDATED: 16.11.2020

  • [16.11.2020] Adding Creating a Progressive Web Application (PWA) - HTML, CSS & JavaScript Tutorial

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