Hello World

Throughout this course, you will be strictly using Python version 3.

Study Guide

  • Watch: Learn Python with Socratica (Duration: 1 minute)

Python is a clean and powerful programming language. You can use it to build websites, analyze data, write utilities, and create many other kinds of software. It’s become a tradition that when you learn a new programming language, you start with a program that prints the message "Hello world." [Source: Socratica]

  • Watch: Hello World in Python (Duration: 3 minutes)

Installing Python

Installing Python 3.x on Windows 10 through Microsoft Store



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UPDATED: 13.02.2021

7 replies on “Hello World”

At the 2:14 of the Hello World Python video, suggests to type python and the name of the file so as to run the program. When I do so, I have this popping up SyntaxError: invalid decimal literal.

What am I doing wrong? Many thanks

good evning
Thank you for your help
i download python latest version from microsoft store and i run it
i type exactly the way it says but when she say type quit and she press python nothing goes wrong and when i type and press enter python close
could you please tell me why ?

Hello Sezer. You should finish the Precourse, learn the basics of programming with Python, and upon successful competion of this course you can move on to enroll on the Frontend Web Development course which lasts for 7 months. Don’t forget to get in touch with the admissions officer for more information.

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