Project: Etch-a-Sketch (v1)


In this project you’ll be creating a pretty neat toy for your portfolio to flex your DOM manipulation skills. You’re going to build a browser version of something between a sketchpad and an Etch-A-Sketch.

This project should not be easy for you. You’ll probably have to Google frequently to get the right JavaScript methods and CSS to use – in fact, that’s the point! You can build this using the tools that you have already learned and there are plenty of resources on the net for learning stuff that we haven’t covered yet if you decide you need it. We’ll walk you through the basic steps, but it will be up to you to actually implement them.


Follow the instructions here in order to complete and submit the exercise.


When looking for help, try doing so in the following order:

  • Did you try everything you could?
  • Did you read the documentation?
  • Did you Google for it?
  • Did you post your question on Slack/Forum?
  • Did you ask your fellow students for help?
  • Did you ask your Mentors for help?
  • Did you leave a comment on the comments section of this page?
  • Did you ask your Instructor for help?
    • Did you arrange and appointment with your instructor using Calendly? Visit this URL and set up an appointment:
    • Is it urgent? Did you try reaching him on Slack

UPDATED: 24.11.2020