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Introduction to Objects

"Objects are a critical part of JavaScript. Although simple and even intermediate tasks can be accomplished without them, any real project that you are going to attempt is going to feature Objects.

In this topic we are going to cover the basics and later on we will dive deeper."

Learning Objectives

  • The syntax of declaring and creating an object.
  • How to :
    • Add new properties.
    • Access object’s properties.
    • Change the value of any key.
    • Delete any property from your object.
    • loop over your object properties using (for … in) loop.
  • What are the differences between bracket notation and Dot notation .
  • Object methods, Object.keys(),Object.values() and other methods


Let’s get started!

  1. This article is the best place to get started with Objects.

  2. The MDN tutorial isn’t bad either, so check it out if you need another take on the subject.

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