Set up all the necessary Services & Accounts Copy

Here is a list of online services and platforms on which you must have an account.

Please proceed to the checklist and register for a new account on each service (If you don’t have already one). After completing the steps, make sure to submit the account names and URLs (e.g. profile) in the assignment.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to use a descriptive, readable username or account name, as this will be your professional profile. For example, avoid usernames such as @mard4354 and prefer/choose ones such as @mary_douglas.


By creating a Gmail account you are going to be able to use a multitude of web services provided by Google, such as YouTube, Google Maps, Google Docs, etc.

You will also be using this Gmail account to authenticate yourself with other third-party services, bypassing the time-consuming registration process.


A service providing version control for our code. This is a must!

Also, GitHub allows you to register or sign-up with one click in various services.

Make sure to take good care of your GitHub profile as it will be one of the first stops where employers, recruiters, and companies will evaluate your online presence and experience.

Example of a bad GitHub profile page:

Bad GitHub profile page

Example of an awesome GitHub profile page:

cassidoo GitHub profile page

Try to avoid selecting usernames that look awkward and unprofessional, e.g. kx345, funny_joe, etc. You probably want to pick a username according to your real name: david_malan, john_resig, etc.


Join one of the largest communities on the Internet, ask questions, seek help, and contribute.

(You can register with your GitHub account here –recommended)


We need an account to look professional and also access their learning resources.


One of the best hosting platforms out there.

(You can register with your GitHub account here –recommended)


With Loom you’ll be able to quickly take screen recordings, and use them to share your code and relevant bugs with your mentors/instructors and the rest of the team and present your assignments and applications.

When recording using Loom, try to zoom in as much as possible on the application you are using, e.g. code editor, terminal, the browser, etc. in order for the instructors to have a clear and sharp view of your window.

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