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In this lesson we are going to be introduced to the family of Web APIs that live in the brower. They are also known as Browser APIs or most commonly referred to at as HTML5 APIs.

Read The developer’s guide to the HTML5 APIs and then move on to the next sections and study or watch the recommended resources. Make sure to code along and experiment with the commands you’ll see. Have fun!

Media API

Duration: 4h

Source code from video

Presentation Slides

Drag and Drop API

Geolocation API

Read the Geolocation API section at W3Schools.

Watch the live session of the Geolocation API:

Code used in the video

Presentation Slides

Web Storage APIs

Learn all about storing data on the Browser via the localStorage and sessionStorage APIs.

Source code used in the video

Presentation Slides

Desktop Notifications

Duration: 8 minutes

Web Workers

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